Good Friday

One of the facets of Christianity and salvation history I struggle with is this: God is God. He can do anything. So why was it necessary for Jesus to have died on the cross to redeem mankind? Every once in a while, my mind will glom onto a cogent argument as to why it was necessary; however, the “Ah ha!” is fleeting, and the wonder at the rationale returns. I guess this lends credence to something I often say: I do not presume to know the mind of God.

One of the things I always take away from Jesus’ passion is how incredibly cruel mankind can be. Throughout the ages, mankind has demonstrated an incredible capacity for cruelty and delighting in others’ pain – to me, it is one of the most disgusting aspects of our broken nature. Maybe one day we will rise above it.

I hope everyone took some time today to contemplate what occurred in Jerusalem so very long ago. For the price paid in human flesh by God for our redemption.

God bless.

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