A few things off the list, and some unplanned accomplishments as well. Jillian has been to the doctor for her physical. The cabinets for beneath the workspace in my “office” are completed, and the packaging has been done away with. And Jessica’s dining room set has been picked up from the store and delivered to her humble abode.

I find that waiting in a doctor’s office for someone else remains problematic; brings back too much. And that makes me a bit surly. Or maybe it’s their sheer illogic in their particular application of socialist distancing. Don’t know. I just know my mood was severely off from the moment we went to wait for Jillian to finish.

Upon arriving home, I went immediately up to my “office” to sort through the big bin of books that ended up in there. A large number of them were old textbooks from Kim’s and my undergrad studies. Good as references, but not much else – they hit the recycle bin. The remainder – Piers Anthony, Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, V.C. Andrews… – I offered to Jessica, and she quite literally pounced on them. In this age of Kindle and other e-readers – I’ve been reading on electronics since Mobipocket was a thing on Palm Pilots. Though I respect books, I no longer have a need for them in paper form, and they are just one of MANY things laying about to add to the clutter that has made me nuts from time immemorial.

Following that great adventure, I began moving the parts for the remaining cabinet upstairs to put together completing the whole task just in time to help Jessica with her dining room set. Back home to make dinner for Jillian, Vanessa, and me, clean it up, and then help Kenny to update his resume.

A full day. All the activity and knocking things off my list improved my mood over the mood I had this past weekend. And now, I can start organizing my tools and supplies into the cabinets, further reducing that clutter. All good!

So, again: when in a pit, look up. There is always that circle of light, and there are invariably things hanging down by which to pull yourself out. Am I a chipper happy camper now? No. Not by a long shot. But I’m not the emotional void I had become by Sunday.

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