Happy Easter

He is risen, alleluia! I hope everyone had a glorious and happy Easter Sunday today.

After mass, as usual, we went to Kim’s Dad’s house, and then took him to the cemetery to see Kim’s and his wife’s graves. I spent some extra time today placing Easter lilies at Kim’s and her Mom’s graves, and edging the markers at her Mom’s, my Dad’s, my grandparents’, and my godparents’ graves. Then a little clean up at Kim’s Dad’s house to get rid of some cables from an antenna that DIRECTV abandoned on his roof which I had removed a few weeks ago for him. Then home to gather up everything we would be taking to Grandma Sue’s for the Easter brunch, which was delicious as usual. Then on to Mom’s for an Easter visit.

Through the whole thing, I felt empty. Absolutely devoid of emotion. Not happy. Not sad. Just there. And that’s not good. Time to start looking up to see the circle of light, and see what’s hanging down with which to pull my self up out of the pit….

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