One line and a word – that’s what has been going through my mind for weeks, now. Actually, it’s a similar line to the same music. Don Henley’s Boys of Summer – “You can’t look back. You can never look back.” And the word “empty”. Only what keeps going through my mind to the music is “You can’t go back. You can never go back.” “Empty” is the same, though.

Odd. It’s as if my mind is chastising itself. Oh, how I would love to be able to go back and do it all again. A big “do-over”. What would I change? How would those changes impact the ultimate end?

We are the sum product of our experiences, though. If any of those past experiences were to be changed, would the Kim I love still have existed? Or would a change in the past develop her into someone I no longer loved? Would I be the same me? Would we still have our beautiful family? Interesting mind-exercises, much like that of the famous Schr√∂edinger’s cat. I guess in this situation, we’ve looked into the box, and the probability cloud has collapsed into the reality we’ve experienced.

Still: it’s hard not to wonder what might be if we had handled this situation or that situation differently. Back to the Future musings. I think we’ve all had them and, unless we trap ourselves in their consideration, they’re probably healthy.

Today is Friday – our Family Friday tradition. Jeanette will make burgers today. Everyone likes burgers! That’s two weeks in a row for Jeanette. Jessica and Noah are now in their home, and I think things are smoothed out a bit for Chris, who had a few major things to consider and put to rest in his life – it looks like his decisions were well-considered, and it will bode well for his future. And Kenny, freshly made single by his own choice, seems to be in a good frame of mind. I think that we’ll set out a schedule for the next few weeks, though. Lately, it’s been a last-minute Thursday afternoon text: “Who has Friday?” It’s better to plan where planning makes sense…