So, I’ve been waxing eloquently on my “technique” to move forward, to get back to a happier state of mind. And then I stumble upon this TEDx talk that has pretty much validated my method: Grief Is Not A Life Sentence, now in the Blogroll and Links menu to the right.

Here are a few others that followed, again: all TEDx talks. These have not been added to the Blogroll, but they are interesting talks for those of us who have lost a spouse – or, frankly, any other loved one.

Frankly, I’m amazed to discover so much “meaty” information on grief, and that it is a frequent subject of TED talks – something I found… shocking. But, at the same time, I found comfort and validation in them. Watching a few of these, YouTube will determine your interest and provide many more. They are all good, and provide you with more ammunition in facing – and, most importantly: growing beyond – your loss.