Frustrations and life

As I continue to trudge down the path of life without Kim, I come to realize all of the things she had in hand that I wasn’t aware of in the least. Not the least of which was helping my oldest with her daughter.

This came to the fore today with Jeanette and Jillian planning for a pageant in another state, and Vanessa wanting to stay the weekend with “Poppop.” For Jeanette’s plans, it would be better if I could pick Vanessa up at school in Monroe, a little more than a half-hour away. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a problem – except that I had FINALLY located the perfect desks to set up my office upstairs with, and had already missed an appointment to pick them up last weekend because the boys were unavailable to help. I have a light afternoon tomorrow, Kenny doesn’t work on Fridays, and I had already corralled him into helping me pick them up tomorrow afternoon. If I skip out on them again, I’m sure I’ll lose them.


Back in the day, we would “divide and conquer.” Unfortunately, I’m not capable of dividing myself, and, sometimes, I have to take care of myself.