What defines perfection? What does it mean to be “perfect”? I was thinking about this as I drove solo to clean the snow off Kim’s and her mom’s grave blankets. Odd thoughts for such a drive? Maybe.

Kim was not perfect. She had her faults. I was often upset at her actions and with her. But, she was perfect for me.

The good Lord knows that I am as far from perfect as you can get. She was often upset at my actions and with me. Probably more than I’m aware of. But I seemed perfect for Kim.

Little things fill the slots to make up that perfection. Some of those little things are what attracted us to each other – that initial “chemistry”. The way she smiled. The color of her hair. Her laugh. Her spunk. Some are the way we developed in our relationship and the knowledge we had of each other – individually and as a couple. As our life together proceeded, some elements changed; some new perfections and new imperfections discovered. As our experience with those imperfections increased, so did our understanding and tolerance for them.

I guess that’s what marriage is all about: enjoying the little perfections and remaining by each other’s side through the imperfections. In good times and in bad; in sickness and in health. And we did that.

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